If you…

  • don’t resonate with traditional modern Western ideas of treating grief as if it’s an illness or a brokenness that needs to be fixed, pursuing “closure”, and grieving alone…
  • feel like loss has closed your heart and dulled your life and you’re looking for a way to feel connection, belonging, meaning, peace and joy again.
  • have struggled with feeling alienated, judged or shamed when you’re grieving…
  • want to feel alive and resilient again…

I wrote this book for YOU…

An introduction to grief and living wholeheartedly after loss

Throughout this workbook you’ll find self-coaching questions to guide you to new, more liberating perspectives that will help you to find the peace, love, belonging, meaning and joy that you’ve been longing for. Short (easy to read with “grief-brain”!) chapters will also cover the following topics…

  • Why the traditional Western model of grieving and seeking “closure” doesn’t fit for many people, as well as the potential dangers of this approach. (This is very important if you’re supporting someone who’s grieving!).
  • Common emotional, cognitive and physical reactions to loss and grief.
  • Surprising emotional reactions that many people experience while they’re grieving, yet these often aren’t talked about as part of the grief response.
  • Why it’s important to understand the differences between “grieving”, “ruminating”, and “remembering.”
  • What it means to “live wholeheartedly” after loss.
  • Three common myths about the grief process, and what the latest research is saying about this.
  • How and why “remembering” the people you’ve loved who’ve died can be good for you.
  • The one thing that studies uncontroversially agree makes the biggest difference in helping us to recover and return to resilience and wholeheartedness after trauma and loss.

$12 USD

You’ll receive a beautiful 35-page full-color eBook (PDF)

Download the PDF and read it on your laptop or tablet. Or print it out for yourself so that you can write on it.

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